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  • Single camera 720P
  • Dual camera 720P
  • Dual camera 1080P
  • Dual camera 4K


  • 1 Extra Battery
  • 2 Extra Battery
  • 3 Extra Battery
  • 4 Extra Battery
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  • Image following, adding filters, creative video-MV breaks the limitations of traditional aerial photography After clicking the MV button in the upper left corner of the screen on the control page, enter the MV interface, You can add background music to the recorded video.


  • Intelli-Gesture
    With gesture interaction, you can take stunning aerial selfies, using Drone recognizes each pose as a specific command and will follow your instructions, moving forward and backward, side to side, and taking photos.


  • 4K high-definition wide-angle shooting effect, framing is safer and more convenient. In shooting high-definition video, you can use 50x optical zoom without risking. You can get a unique perspective and sense of speed when flying close. It is safer and can be achieved at long distances.




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  • M

    October 26, 2019

     This is my first camera drone. I have played with it for about 10 minutes now, first tested for couple of times indoors. The video I posted is flying first time outdoors. Below are my impressions:
    1. It is a lot of fun to fly! I have had a few smaller toy drones in the past, this one feels more professional. It move really fast when you tilt the plane with right control rocker. First time I did this indoors it crashed into a window. So be careful don’t hold on the control when flying indoors. Just push the control for half a second at a time.
    2. It is easy to fly with the app, and I never used the remote again after downloading app. The advantage is that you see the video on the screen, and it goes into the phone’s album right away. The app is quite intuitive to use, doesn’t require reading a manual.
    3. The manual is not very helpful. Fortunately it is quite intuitive once you get a feel on left controls the altitude and direction and right controls flying direction.
    4. The video quality is pretty good in day light. It is a little blurry when rotating the plane, so you should let the plane stay still on object a bit between movements.
    5. One thing the maker should improve is to add direct plugin for charging the battery of the plane. It is an unnecessary inconvenience to take the battery out for charging.

  • T

    December 15, 2019

     I really enjoy this drone. This is the first drone I used that allows you to view the flight on your phone and wow...that is amazing! It is also the first one that hold it's position in air! Talk about a game changer! I've had many smaller/cheaper drones and none of them had this feature. I get it because it must cost more to get that technology but I would totally recommend this type of drone to learn on! You don't have to worry about the vertical at all. You push up on the stick, let go and it stays there! It really is nice. It allows you to learn at your pace because normally you are flying and you go to high or two low or heading right for the chair and just let go and the drone falls out of the air. With this one it will just stop in the air!! The pictures are great. Obviously it isn't as good as a drone that you spend $800 on but for $ are getting way more than 10% of the quality. If I needed to take pictures of my house or cars or something I would totally recommend this! Charging is straight forward. I like the remote that comes with it. Wish it had another battery because it takes awhile to charge but I can always buy more!

    For the money this is a great drone. Lots of features you only get on a drone that is $400+. Great job!

  • M

    October 26, 2019

    I am a retired man in my 70's and was looking for another hobby/interest besides golf. I decided to try drones as I always wanted an airplane when I was a kid.

    First the drone is relatively easy to assemble and learn if you follow the directions correctly. And in the order as presented. It is probably best suited for someone 12 years or older. I would think someone younger would require parental supervision and assistance.

    After assembly, I would recommend test flights in a park or other large open space. Avoid trees to avoid losing your drone. The controller is easy to understand, but I recommend downloading the app HFun to use it in the smartphone holder of the controller. This is a much better way to see the photos/video the drone is capable of taking while in flight. The HFun app also provides more instruction on the flight and camera use of the drone than the included printed instructions. And yes, as stated by others, these could use some improvement.

    The calibration steps are important to follow correctly for successful flight. I am still learning the headless feature, but it seems to be an aid to assist the pilot in getting the drone back to you. If it gets too far away from you, it can be difficult to tell the direction the drone is pointed and flying. The controls allow you to select 3 speeds of flight and do other things, such as rollovers left and right. For learning, I suggest staying in the low speed setting at first.

    The 1080p camera is quite good for the price of this drone. There are many features, like some that are found on smartphones. 50% zoom, color filters, orientation, split screen (shows the straight ahead and ground views simultaneously). There are some camera features I might never use, such as controlling the camera with hand gestures, or it being able follow a person.

    **It should be noted that drone use is restricted by the FAA and there are important rules on the FAA website for it's use. For example, it should not be flown over 400 feet in the air, and not near airport/helicopter facilities. The drone should be registered and there are age restrictions requiring parental supervision. The FAA provides an app, B4UFLY, which uses GPS locators to tell you if you can fly at your location.

  • J

    November 18, 2019

    I have never owned a drone in this price range, but for the cost this is am amazing drone! Great battery life, easy to control, folds down very neatly. My nephew will love it!

    Great option to get into drones. I have owned 2 professional drones, controls, the feel of flying is the same. Or this could make a great gift to someone to use as a toy. Fly responsibly of course and follow all laws.

    Nice, neat packaging. Well cushioned. The drone itself is very light. Included are propeller guards, extra propellers, screws and a screw driver.

    There are blade guards which snap in easily. And a usb cables for charging remote and battery.

    Drone operation
    Easy to follow concise instructions included. Controller needs to be activated first time before use.

    The drone is actually surprisingly stable. I first started it inside the house and it pretty much hovers in one spot. Outside however with strong wind the drone drifted, but full throttle easily overpowered the wind.

    I recommend to try out all the functions in an open field before you get familiar. I pressed the 360 rollover button while the drone was very close to a tree, thank fully it didn’t hit anything.

    Once the battery got low, the drone made an “emergency landing” I had some control over where it goes. So keep that in mind when starting out.

    This definitely isn’t a drone to record video for production work. The video is not stabilized and gets shaky with wind. The video is transmitted through wifi, so the signal range is limited. But its great to have the video signal and be able to take photos and videos. Again, I dont think this can or should be compared to drones that cost 15-20 times more.

    Overall, I am pleasantly surprised. I have purchased a low cost drone before as a present, which crashed in first minutes of use. I have a feeling this one will last. There also is a warranty card included( I have not looked into it yet).

  • K

    December 29, 2019

    First, I'm not a drone aficionado or anything. The drones I've had in the past were all "toy" drones, nothing professional or expensive. Given that, the X900 is the best drone I've ever used.

    It was always hard to keep level height on other drones, you had to constantly adjust the power to keep them hovering in the air. The X900 has a 1 button hover and it actually works! I'm not sure if it's due to better calibration or sensors but this drone is VERY easy to fly and stable. It doesn't move when it's not supposed to and it stays constant height when you leave it alone. It's so easy to control, my kids are flying this around whereas their other drones they constantly crashed into stuff. If you're a first time drone user, this drone will make your life easier.

    This is a headless drone and I've used it a few times but have to get used to it. I kinda don't "get" what's better about headless mode but if you are controlling it from your phone, it gives you a "pilot" level of control and point of view.

    There is a phone app you can use to see live feed from the X900 as well as control it. It uses a wifi connection to the drone, which is pretty sweet. You can take pictures and it saves right on the phone or you can add an sdcard and it will save everything. Connecting everything was pretty easy with no issue on my Galaxy s10+.

    Finally, I love the foldup feature. All the arms and legs fold into the body to make this very compact to carry around. It's about the size of a sun glass case. This makes it easy to take it to the park and back without much hassle and I won't freak out if my kids rough handle it.

  • A

    October 30, 2019

     I’ve wanted to snag a decent drone for a while and this one was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It folds up to a nice compact size yet it’s big enough that it’s able to hold it’s own against some moderate wind. On my initial flight I was careless and wound up getting the drone caught in a tree. However, I remembered that the drone has the option to switch between beginner, intermediate and expert. I switched it over to expert mode and was able to get the drone to flip itself over and dislodge from a tree branch! Certainly this isn’t an advertised feature, but I was beyond thrilled that this thing had enough power to dislodge itself from a branch I’d carelessly flown right into.

    I was also pleasantly surprised with the video quality, especially that it can stream a live image right to my iPhone. It worked great and when I was done flying I was able to tap one button to save the video file with no problem.

    Overall this is a great drone if you’re someone like me who has maybe played around with a $30 drone and enjoyed it but maybe wasn’t looking to shell out $500 for something more professional. It fills a great sweet spot of price and performance for someone looking to get a little more serious about the hobby but still mostly just wants to have fun. Highly recommended.

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